Sep 2020

When we think of refurbishing, it’s likely that we think in terms of sustainability and saving the planet. But we also can understand that when it comes to pallets and the supply chain, recycling also mean saving their business money.

The idea of incorporating refurbished pallets into use again in the supply chain has gained momentum in recent years. As some researches revels that the number of new pallets in circulation has remained quite steady, while recycled pallets have increased more than 600% since 2001.

A pallet management team like us can help in keeping your flow of pallets moving – so you always have the right amount of pallets when and where you need them. The right partner will process all your wood pallets, which includes inspection of each pallet after use. Those deemed fit for reuse are put back into circulation. Some with minimal damage can be repaired and then placed back into the market. Those beyond repair and not to be used again will either be modified for other uses, such as repairing the slightly damaged pallets, or ground to become mulch or other wooden by-products.

The key here is that you’re not purchasing expensive new pallets when you don’t need to do so. But there are additional potential advantages and cost-savings to recycling pallets through a pallet management partner. Pallet repair can not only add up to substantial savings on your bottom line, but helps encourage and support sustainability efforts around the globe. Pallet recycling means doing good for your business and for the environment.