Repallet is a Recycled Wooden Pallet or Refurbished wooden pallet or used wooden pallet that has been salvaged repaired or rebuilt to extent the life of the pallet for one or more cycle/cycles of use. RECYCLED & REFURBISHED PALLET is a pallet comprised of parts that have been recovered from disassembled pallets or has some new components. We intend to reduce, reuse and recycle pallets to help the environment and save the natural resource. 

What is a pallet :

A pallet is a flat transport structure that provides the basis or foundation for the transportation and storage for a variety of different goods. They are generally flat and horizontal in appearance which makes it easy to stack, store and arrange the goods on the top or on the surface of these pallets. These are manufactured by using the best material of pinewood, country wood and plywood.

There are two types of pallets:

Block pallets are made from parallel pieces of wood supported by blocks on the edges and middle of every edge. They are also referred to as four-way pallets, because forklifts can pick them up from any side.

Stringer pallets have three long strips of wood to support the edges and middle of the pallet. They are also referred to as two-way pallets, because forklifts can only pick them up from two sides.

Refurbished Wooden pallets are the most preferred choice because of the following advantages:

  • Recycled Wooden pallets are affordable
  • Ready availability
  • Used Wooden pallets can be repaired pretty easily
  • They can be recycled again
  • Durability and strength unaffected