Pinewood Pallets:

Pinewood Pallets give you an easy time storing or transporting your goods and products or produce thanks to the variety of pallets you can choose from. We are leading Refurbished Wooden Pallets Manufacturers available with a wide range of reclaimed wooden pallets. Our wooden pallets are skillfully made, designed and are extensively used in various industries and for different purposes. We manufacture Wooden Packaging Pallets, Wooden Pallets, and Recycled Wooden Pallets.

Price : Pinewood pallets are cheaper than others with matching almost the same criteria. The fast growth of pine trees is the main reason for this price difference. Pine trees grow in shorter time duration with the easy-care cause of which wood sells at a lower price.

Color : It provides a distinguished light color. It has a versatile look that also pairs well with various wall colors, patterns, and other details and can be also used in specific decor patterns.

Light in weight : The lighter the pallet weighs the easier it’s for transporting the loads and goods.

Options to change the color : Pinewood is an easy wood to stain to achieve your desired color. This gives you a wide variety of finish options, including stain and paint.

Stiffness : Pinewood is a very stiff wood. This makes pinewood pallets very durable and strong as it can handle heavy loads for long duration.

Shock resistance : Pinewood is resistant to shock, which helps minimize the damage of impact in case of accidents.

Less environmental impact : Because pine trees grow so quickly, the trees that are cut down are soon replaced with new growth. But even so, we still prefer to refurbishing and recycling process of pinewood pallets as it saves more trees.

Resistant to shrinking and swelling : Used Pinewood pallets don't shrink and swell due to differences in humidity and temperature, pinewood is resistant to the damage. By minimizing that shrinking and swelling, pinewood retains its original shape.

Pinewood grows around the world and has a great scale of stiffness and is highly shock resistant which is the reason it's a great choice for wooden pallet manufacturing. As the stiffness of pinewood is the cause of its high durability and high strength which means that it can sustain a heavy load on while getting back to the same shape and size without any fracture and deformities.