What is Repallet ?
A pallet that has been salvaged, repaired or rebuilt in order to pass through another cycle/cycles of use.

1. Repallets are pallets which are reusable without repair.
2.Pallets repaired for reuse.
3.Pallets rebuilt using existing parts of pallets no longer fit for use.
How do I buy Repallet ?
Enter our website and use the navigation structure to find the suitable project.
Select the wood type, Size, and quantity you need.
Add to cart and checkout.
Log onto our website and click on the ‘Buy Now’ button and purchase is done.
Reach out to our warehouse with the purchase confirmation details and take away your products with ease.
Can't find the appropriate product then Fill out the contact form.
We will reach out to you within 24 hours with the quotation.
Why should I buy a Repallet and not a new one ?
If you wish to cut packing costs substantially we have the resources, facilities, and supplies to get the standard size pallets you need at the most cost effective prices. Repallets are also a more environmentally friendly option than creating a new pallet for every shipment.
What if the pallet size I need is not listed?
If you can't find the exact pallet size or range then you can contact us directly with the below mentioned link
1. By using CONTACT US form.
2. From particular product page you can use the contacting options to chat with us regarding a particular product directly.
What if the number of Pallets I need is more than what Repallet has ?
Please contact us via Phone: +91-9100266789 or Mail: ceo@greenstakes.in
What is the lead time for delivery of Repallet ?
24 Hours after releasing of the purchase order.
What service does Repallet provide ?
We offer a host of services that include Pallet management system, New Pallets, and Used pallets buying.