Who are we?

We are the environment contributors

Re-pallet is a Hyderabad based company which is re-defining the pallet business by its contribution toward the environment. As a wooden pallet manufacturer, we understand the contradiction of the words wooden pallet and environment-friendly, and cause of that the pallet we very proudly reclaim the used wooden pallets follow a specific process to recycle and refurbished the wooden pallets in Hyderabad as per the needs of the clients. While maintaining the excellence, accuracy, and precision in our work and throughout the process of manufacturing. As we believe in complete customer satisfaction and meet clients' all requirements.

We are a family run business and believe in building a good understanding and long-term relations with our customers.

We take big pride in the quality of work and product we provide as we are always looking to meet and even exceed customer's expectations and their hope.

What do we do

  • Quality Assurance

    We have a team specially dedicated to the quality control and inspection of the product that we work on as for us first step is to always get the understanding if the pallet needs a refurbishing or recycling because that effect the quality so our team inspect and makes a complete detailed list and work needed for both the scenario so that right decision can be made.

  • Quality Control

    The pallet than goes through a detailed work plan and different levels of testing in each and every stage of the refurbishing process. As the quality of the product is something where we never make any compromises.

  • Quality Testing

    As once the pallet is refurbished and ready to ship we do a final quality testing in terms of load capacity, joint strength, and overall quality test to make sure that the products meets the clients all requirements.

  • Listing

    After completion of all the testing and other processes pallets will be listed under appropriate section and category for the users to purchase from online with ease.

  • 24x7 Support

    Our expert team will be in online for 24/7 to help our clients with all their clarifications and to help them in choosing the best product based on their requirements.

  • Easy Access

    As we are located in the heart of Hyderabad, India. Our clients can easily commute to our location to ship their purchased pallets as one can easily find commute resources.

  • our team

    Includes our quality check and online support experts

    Tech Support
    Production & Design