Sep 2020

Wooden pallets are everywhere and are the backbone of supply chain round the world. Whatever the method of delivery may be and the goods are always arranged on pallets making them easier for transport.

The heavy machinery used to move the pallets and substantial weight of the pallet loads often result in excessive wear and tear. Broken or damaged pallets are considered unusable. Thankfully, pallets made from wood can be easily reconditioned or recycled. Wood pallets built with quality hardwood can be repaired several times throughout their life. When they finally reach a stage of not being repairable, the wood can be recycled into landscaping mulch, fuel pellets, or several other wood by-products. Our environment benefits from longer pallet life cycles. Businesses who have their used pallets reconditioned or recycled are not only saving the environment but saving money as well.

Recycled Pallets Save Money

As wood resources continue to be an issue and the cost of hardwood continues to rise businesses are seeing the cost of their new pallets adding up. In many cases with growing companies, the larger quantity of new pallets combined with new pallet costs can be a huge hit. Turning to a company that buys and sells used pallets, and specializes in repairing those pallets can be a huge cost savings. In many cases your business can continue to use the same pallets that you purchased new.

Recycled Pallets are Eco-Friendly

Every business strives to be Eco-friendly these days. It’s good for the brand image and in some cases, can actually save money while doing good for the environment. Some businesses still chose to discard their used and broken pallets, but repairing them instead is a major help to the environment. This not only saves the trees that would otherwise be used for new pallets, but it saves the energy to harvest, mill the wood, and build the pallet. It also keeps recyclable material out of our already overloaded landfills. Many businesses who take the step to having their pallets reconditioned realize a benefit by promoting themselves as green.

Reconditioned Pallets are Safe

Damaged pallets can be a dangerous safety hazard for workers or customers who come in close contact of the pallets. Pallets with broken boards run the risk of causing damage to products. It is possible for a loaded pallet to fall or tip over due to damage, or broken boards can penetrate and destroy products. Reconditioned pallets come in different grades – typically number 1 and 2, or A and B. The grade determines the condition of the pallet with number 1 (A) being the best condition.

There is a difference between recycling and repairing.

While these terms are often interchangeable, they mean very different things for the pallet company. When the company receives used wood pallets there is a choice to be made between repairing and recycling. The main difference is that pallets that have minimum damage can be repaired and resold for further use, while pallets with extensive damage are slated for recycling.

Fixing Damaged Wood Pallets

Repairing or reconditioning pallets is a great way to reuse pallets for much less than the cost of new pallets. Pallet companies can do several things to repair pallets:

  • Replace missing or damaged boards and nails
  • Strengthen loose or weak materials
  • Straighten twisted or warped pallets
  • Ensure all materials are flush and not protruding
  • Certify that the pallet is safe for use

Recycling Pallets

Eventually a pallet will reach the end of its useful life by becoming un-repairable. Fortunately, the wood can be used in several ways. A pallet fit for recycling will be completely dismantled using a special band saw that cuts the nails – see a pallet de-nailing saw in use. Boards that are undamaged can be used to repair other used pallets. Damaged boards will be re-purposed for other wood products and kept out of the landfills.

It’s obvious that businesses of all kinds can benefit from working with a pallet company that reconditions and recycles pallets. One example is pallets for the automotive industry in Detroit, MI, where pallets are used in such bulk that the cost for new pallets could potentially have an impact on the success of those businesses. Used pallets that have been repaired provide a viable way to cut costs and be environmentally friendly.