Pinewood Notch Pallet 1200x1000x120


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Currently we are not offering any shipping facility. The available options from our store is that one can use the complete "Pickup" option or "Your Vehicle Our Loading " option.

If you are having a in-house pick up team you can opt for the "Pickup" option so that our team will help in choosing the items and your team can load those in to your vehicle.

If you want help in loading your items by our team then please opt for the "Your Vehicle Our Loading" option so that our team will be ready to load your items as soon as your vehicle arrives to our location.

Please make a prior intimation of at least 2-4 hours to make your process more smoother.

Please carry the purchased order invoice copy or message with the person coming to our location to take away the goods and with out the order copy Items will not be allowed to load into the truck.